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Red Riding Hood by XPtanjaXP Red Riding Hood :iconxptanjaxp:XPtanjaXP 2 3
Mature content
What time did to us chap 9 :iconxptanjaxp:XPtanjaXP 4 23
Mad Hatter 3 by XPtanjaXP Mad Hatter 3 :iconxptanjaxp:XPtanjaXP 1 0 Mad Hatter 2 by XPtanjaXP Mad Hatter 2 :iconxptanjaxp:XPtanjaXP 0 0 Mad Hatter by XPtanjaXP Mad Hatter :iconxptanjaxp:XPtanjaXP 2 3
What time did to us chap 8
This isn't over
There is a saying that time passes by very quickly whenever you enjoy yourself, but whenever you wait for something to finally happen time passes by very slowly. Over the past six years, Kakashi had to experience the later. Although it had been only six years, those years seemed like six decades to him. He had left Konoha in order to forget about that six-year-old girl there, who reminded him so much of his late girlfriend. Actually Minato had confirmed his suspicions and one day before he had left his hometown he had heard about little Sakura being his late girlfriend. However, she was his late girlfriend without her memories, so she was not his late girlfriend, which did not hinder him to be reminded of his Sakura whenever he had seen that little girl. And even after six years, this topic was still too confusing for him to think of it for too long.
In order to avoid thinking about her, Kakashi had been reading Jiraya's latest novel - from his Icha Icha series
:iconxptanjaxp:XPtanjaXP 6 25
Archangel's Kiss - Venom by XPtanjaXP Archangel's Kiss - Venom :iconxptanjaxp:XPtanjaXP 26 20 Archangel's Kiss by XPtanjaXP Archangel's Kiss :iconxptanjaxp:XPtanjaXP 10 27
What time did to us chap 7
VII. Knowing me, knowing you
The gentle breeze made the whispers of the nature around him so much more comforting. Ever since he came here a couple of hours ago, he listened to it as if he was expecting an answer to his unsaid question, yet he knew that the answer had already been there inside of his mind all the time. He was only afraid of the consequences of that very answer. Taking a deep breath, he let his hand wander over the names of his former teammates.
"Obito… Rin… if I just made the right decision…I think, only time will tell," Kakashi whispered.
With his mind made up, he left the memorial stone behind and headed for the Hokage monument. Though he had no idea what time it was or if the lessons had already finished, the time felt right to fetch her. Maybe he was just too impatient to wait for her any longer. Hell, he has waited for six long years. Of course, he had just learned that his Sakura was indeed alive but a different person, yet it had been six endless
:iconxptanjaxp:XPtanjaXP 4 28
What time did to us chap 6
VI. None other than …
"Was that Jiraya-sama, one of the Sanin?"
After team Jiraya had disappeared from their sight, Kakashi and Sakura continued on the road to the academy. But since the little girl was way too curious she couldn't help but ask. The Copy Ninja, who affirmed her assumption right away, was deep in thoughts since he realized that he indeed hadn't seen Jiraya for a very long time. He wondered why. But to be honest he knew exactly why. It was the same reason why he hadn't seen any of his other friends for the past years. Ever since his bond with  Sakura had been torn apart Kakashi tore the bonds to everyone else apart, too. Back then he hadn't considered it worth to keep those bonds if the one true bond to his girlfriend had been destroyed.
If Sakura hadn't pulled a little at his trousers, Kakashi wouldn't have noticed that they had already arrived at the academy. He stopped right in front of the entrance and looked down only to see that Sakura hesitantly let
:iconxptanjaxp:XPtanjaXP 4 20
Japan by XPtanjaXP Japan :iconxptanjaxp:XPtanjaXP 11 5
Have you ever seen my world
where you always end up whirled?
Do you know
where to go
past the dungeon of your mind?
Been enchanted once before
by the place you can't ignore?
For a start
let your heart
past the dungeon of your mind!
Let your fantasies take wings
Open up for marv'lous things
Things you would not dare to dream
Things more crazy as they seem!
Are the lines you've drawn your tools
for your principles and rules?
Look around
to the sound
past the dungeon of your mind!
Did you know desire burns
till your sanity returns?
past the dungeon of your mind!
When you start to dream my dream
Nothing remains as you deem!
Thousand things you cannot be
Least of all as mad as me!
:iconxptanjaxp:XPtanjaXP 3 0
Little Piece of Heaven
Little Piece of Heaven
Guess, where I wanna live
Which town I'm so obsessive
Let me recount
that little piece of heaven in the world
That sublime and royal city
which I am totally
in love with
presents wonderful astonishments
for ladies as well as gents
and their sensation!
All the sights even draw their attention
off the hustle and the bustle of the town
which I wouldn't mind
if I settled down.
Escaping the urban fray
distract yourself along your way
Go see the crown jewels in a former dungeon
today better known as the tower of London
Visit Madame Taussaud's marvelous wax works
and don't you dare to shirk
a snapshot with Steven Spielberg!
Passing by the well-known Baker Street
you might be lucky and meet
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's fantasies.
London's Westend presents upon its stage
Andrew's musicals of the age
For those of you who aren't earthbound
I recommend a round
with London Eye
to experience the english Wonderland from above
which makes you fall in love
with it.
:iconxptanjaxp:XPtanjaXP 1 0
What time did to us chap 5
V. Who is that girl?
Kakashi woke up, when the first sunlight of that morning crawled slowly into his bedroom. Though he was only half awake he knew that it couldn't have been later than six o'clock, but he also knew the minute he opened his eyes that he wouldn't be able to fall asleep again. Now he was awake and very much aware to the little body still clinging to his right arm. Glancing down at the sleeping Sakura he couldn't stop the smile appearing on his face. She really reminded him of her and yet -

Without thinking Sakura leaned forward and put her lips on his taking him off guard. But after a moment he also leaned into her and closed his eyes as well as Sakura.
This kiss was different from the one they had shared in the afternoon. This one was much more passionate. Kakashi leaned his head to the left guiding Sakura into another kiss. As soon as the Copy Ninja slightly opened his mouth she did the same allowing his tongue to enter her mouth. There was nothing in the
:iconxptanjaxp:XPtanjaXP 4 24
What time did to us chap 4
IV. Nothing has been changed, just rearranged
'They should be here any minute,' Kakashi thought, while he was pacing around in his apartment picking up a shirt from the floor and throwing it into the laundry basket in his bathroom.
He looked around the rooms one last time, when he stopped his pacing in the living room. Frowning he went towards the sofa and sat down. After about ten seconds his right foot started tipping on the floor in a steady rhythm. Kakashi sighed crossing his feet at the ankles and leaning his head against the back rest. When he noticed that his index finger had started tipping on the arm rest, he groaned exaggeratedly crossing his arms in front of his chest. The Copy Ninja looked at the ceiling and then at the clock behind him on the wall.
He could have sworn that it had already been quarter past three five minutes prior! It seemed as if time was slowing down. If Kakashi didn't know any better, he would say that he had been nervous. Fortunately he knew better!
:iconxptanjaxp:XPtanjaXP 5 55
Be loved in return page 7 by XPtanjaXP Be loved in return page 7 :iconxptanjaxp:XPtanjaXP 24 23




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Hello Everyone!

Now that I am finally finished with my FINAL EXAMS ( :phew: ) I can continue writing "What time did to us" at last :excited: . The next chapter will be released a week from now.

As for my plans for the future: After a bit of working for the next months, I am planning to go to England for a year or two as an Au-pair. And after that maybe a year in America, but I am not sure yet.

I hope you are all fine. I haven't been here at DA for over half a year x( and I am more than willing to make up for that. So I hope to hear from you soon. Love you guys!

P.S: Thanks for all your wonderful comments and for :+fav: my art :huggle:



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Sameco1 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2011  Hobbyist
HEY! Why not have the doujinshi page 8 Be loved in return? I want to read it!
Gamilightninja Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2011
hey dude thanks 4 the watch,u know i'm planning to make a kakasaku doujinshi,i really like ur idea maybe we could work together,what do you think?
XPtanjaXP Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you very much :) I'd be honored to help you :huggle:
what was that idea about?
Gamilightninja Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2011
it's about Sakura time travel to the past,i like the story"If i could change the past"(ur story)
and try this story [link]
It's awesome XD
Maybe we could combine or make up new story about time traveling,wat do u think?
I've already drawn 7 pages sketches of my own story
XPtanjaXP Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That would be awesome (no matter what story we will pick at the end) :huggle:
I'll read the story tonight^^
that would be great :heart:
wow! which program do you use for the fanmanga? I am currently using SAI :)
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thanks so much :glomp: (I know I'm late, but I am really happy :huggle: )
megleg Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2010  Student Digital Artist
thank you for watching me I really appreciate it. =]
so how are you doing how is life?
XPtanjaXP Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you're very welcome^^
well I am really busy since my a levels will be in five months and I have to finish my skilled work until december 23rd and so on... very stressful ;)
how are you doing?
megleg Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2010  Student Digital Artist
sounds very stressful. lol.
good good trying to keep up with school, piano, and get as much art as possible lol. more busy i guess than stressful.
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